XXI – The Universe Tarot


XXI_the universe

„every journey ends at the beginning“

Alpha = Omega, wholeness, cosmic unification, completion of karma

The crowned Horus, resurrection of the messiah

Finishing and Completion


Path of Tau: Yesod – Malkuth


Every journey ends at the beginning like in a clockwork, but just as a resolved knot, the own personality has achieved a completely different point of view during the voyage. 
The symbol of salvation (= Tau) is achieved through self awareness and experiences made through this journey. The labyrinth symbolizes the path with all it’s restrictions and obstacles we are walking our way through. The orphic egg in the centre represents the sum of all of these experiences or the whole of our voyage.

The liberator or symbolical child (compare to Jesus/Horus) can only emerge out of the egg and be born, if every possible plot has been lived through and every experience has been made. The evolution or process of growth must be finalized completely and should not be rushed in any way. This liberator should not be seen as an outside being or force but must be discovered within. For some people this symbol can be better understood in mathematical terms: Every digit of Pi has to be calculated to measure the perfect circle.  During this journey or equation the dance of duality (the symbolic goddess who dances with the serpent) still goes on and constantly births the colours, aspects and story lines of life itself. Like in an artistic process every small and thin line which is drawn is exactly as important as the many others and should not be missed or drawn in a hurry. 
The eye of Shiva (or „all seeing eye“ in western tradition) marks the beginning and the end of every such creation cycle. The opening and closing of the eye would represent the birth of existence and also its end.

Some myths indicate that our existence is just a dream and therefore an illusion in the mind of a conscious creator. When this being wakes up our existence would end like a dream (the opening of the eye). In duality there is always the completely different point of view and this other sum of myths which indicate that this conscious creator only makes existence possible while it keeps focus on the cosmic plot. When the eye closes the focus of this observer and therefore the universal plot would disappear (compare to Schrodinger’s cat). In each of this cases the action of this symbolic eye is relevant to the completion of the cycle. Just refer to your own experience at this point and you’ll see both myths are relevant and real for our own cycles, plots ideas and dreams.  
In this interpretation of the card a vertical and horizontal eye should represent both of these concepts, which exclude each other from a logical point of view, but are both relevant and true nevertheless.

Above you can observe the cosmic mother bearing an universe, while below the throne is still unoccupied and the liberator is not crowned, till the whole cycle is complete. The serpents dancing around the orphic egg, form the two pillars which contain and also restrict all acts, experiences and story lines within comprehensive cycles. So from our point of view there is a beginning and an end. But like a day which contains 24 hours which contains 60 minutes which contain 60 seconds, our plots always exist within a greater measurable cycle.

The trees refer to the four cherubim, elements and directions we can expand to. They are connected to each other, which is a reference to the fact that all our actions are linked to one another and can’t be separated. Each development of a single being is a development for the whole construct we are part of. The constraints of individuality are melting away in this card and form the idea of unity without losing the uniqueness of our own experiences. The reconciliation, cosmic coalition and achieving symbiosis of two opposite angles are the challenges which are represented by this card.

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