II – The Priestess Tarot


II_the priestess

“the custodian of veils”

The well or the mysteries of the inside sources


Dream-meditation, visions, journeys into the subconsciousness

Path of Gimel: Kether – Tiphereth

This is a silent card.

I will only give references to the meaning of the symbols, not the conclusion to draw out of them.

On the left:

The decaying tower, a reference to so many mysteries. We find this motive in the left pillar, Binah and the axis of the multiverse.
On the top of the tower the tortoise, a reference to the great mother, time and origin.
Below and also hiding the tower – the masked mother of serpents and queen of death and the temptation through her 7 daughters.
On the right in the desert: temptation through matter/the fruits of earth.
On the path: The enduring camel on a long journey. Behind it the temptations, before it the mysteries of the chessboard/great game, the curtain that hides what lies beyond the veil. Behind the veil the book which is guarded by a toad. It represents the Hecate-principle: All those flies that choose this luring, but wrong path tend to get eaten.
In the middle: The camel directs it’s view to a cave – a symbol for the inner sources, the path inwards or back to the well/nature (instead of the obvious path ahead)

A hint to the importance of the cave you can find in the letter „G“ above it, which not only means gimel but also gnosis. Behind the cave there is the hidden lunar mother, the great priestess or, in her deeper symbolism, the suffering Sophia. She not only weaves the veils but is also guarded by them.
The displayed breast is both a symbol for her nurturing attributes but also for her dualistic nature. 

Together with the toad and the masked daughter she is forming a triangle which represents the main aspects of the „divine female“.

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