VI – The Lovers Tarot


VI_the lovers

“dedication, love, combination of opposites”

Duality and finding unity, chymical wedding


Venus/Mars or Sun/ Moon

Eros, Amor, Kama, Venus, Aphrodite

“Chymical Wedding”, binding together, love

Path of Zain: Binah – Tipheret

Above floats an eye, the symbol for unity in this context. On a cosmic scale the taut bow symbolizes the division of unity into positive and negative. The sun and the moon on the arrow not only represent the initiation of duality, but also the separation from each other. Together they fertilize the orphic egg creating our multiverse of opposites.
In every step we take and every act we do there is a cosmic equation going on. The sum of the components has always the goal of coming closer to the solution of conjunction. This works on a cosmic scale but also with every action we take.
Take the artistic process as an example. There is an idea (maybe drawing a picture), the different mediums you can choose from (paper, canvas, etc.), the devices and resources ( pencil, ink, colours, etc.). Everybody who ever made something knows that every attempt of combining this variables together will have a different outcome. During the process of creating the egg represents the place the idea is evolving in. A pot would be the alchemical symbol in this context (compare card XIV – Art/Alchemy). The result of the work is not only the merging of different mediums, components and ideas, but also a step in getting to know yourself better. So the process has different outcomes – which eventually lead to a step further towards equilibrium.
Keep this example in mind while discussing this card further.

Below you can see the opposites in their male/female – active/passive – sun/moon – 1/0 form. This is a symbol – the lovers do not necessarily represent an actual couple, but often the opposites within oneself. The symbol of the chymical wedding is not necessarily a ritual between two actual people but a process of combining the inner parts of oneself.
Below stands the queen wearing a moon crown and holding a cup, while the king is wearing his crown with 5 spikes and a spear. The moon crown represents the passive, flexible and receiving principle while the 5-spiked crown is a symbol for control and the spear symbolizes activity but rigidity. Only when learning from each other they can ignite the flame of awareness together. In our example of the artist who creates his piece both the technique and execution (+) and the intuition and creativity (-) are equally important. An artist without creativity is not able to create fine art, while without technique the image in his mind can not be transcended correctly. In a metaphysical context neither the left nor the right path is the one which leads to salvation, but only combined they make sense and open the door.
The two hands form a coalition by choice, equally involved in the process of creating so that neither one of these aspects (no matter if it’s in our own self or with a partner) is suppressed by the other. Love not only means attraction, but also recognizing that two opposite parts are fitting together.
The two animals – lion and eagle – sitting on the arms are alchemically representative for the opposite elements of fire and water.
In the middle we are back at the orphic egg. Now fertilized through evolution and collaboration, not through division (Compare: The ascension from below to the fall from above).

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