Three of Cups

Three of Cups

„emotional connection through the source“

friendship, federation, conversation, networking

Binah through Briah


The Three of Cups is usually considered to be a general card of friendship, but it has deeper layers. This strong card can symbolize the meeting of the inner aspects of the self.
The drop symbolizes that the multiverse (or the whole self) is contained within, as one is part of the multiverse (or the higher self). the phrase „e pluribus unum“, or „one out of many“ comes to mind.
This can mean, that our current incarnation is only one of many personalities or egos which are present within ourselves.
The samelsurium of inner aspects can be experienced when one is able to return to the source or deep sea of Binah.
There is so much more within each and everyone of us that the conscious mind can grasp and a network can be found from which we can access these hidden parts.
Only by sinking into the deep parts of the subconsciousness, one can gain access to the vast being that ever being is a part of. This is symbolized by the whale.
Behind the veil of confusion there is one consciousness which transcends the many personalities, aspects, incarnations and egos that we all are.
This being, yet a unique intelligence is connected to all the other consciousnesses which just seem to be separated.
To summarize: this cards means friendship and connection on a physical level. It marks a phase of life where one finds or reconnects with a part that complements the self.
On a deeper level it also represents the connection to the multiverse and the higher self within us.
The expression of Binah through Briah suggests that this fact can’t be comprehended on a mere intellectual level but must be discovered and felt within on an emotional layer.
Only then the whale which is submerged can transcend it’s presence into the physical body and surface itself. The gate can’t be found through any intellectual activity.
It is through art, music, meditation or through the practice of ritualistic work which connects us and touches the emotional level. This spark can lead to enlightenment from this deep connection.
However there is free will and this path must be actively chosen to be worthy to walk on it – passivity and gliding along just isn’t enough to lift the veil.
Like a friend this inner currents need attention and care to establish a working network.
If one is afraid of loosing the part of the ego that is required to let go and refuses to establish the connection to this mycelium-like net which connects everything, the gate can close even more.
This would leave one on a solitary path where one neither finds him/herself nor a higher purpose.
Fortunately even then the chance will eventually present itself again in the next cycle that comes around.
There is no escape from this universal task to let go and dive back to the well to gain the key to the upcoming path ahead.

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