Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

„the passionate force of certainty“

confidence, determination, stubbornness, obstinacy

Water in fire

This queen is a mighty one. Usually the female principle equals passivity. But this queen is not passive but resolute, dynamic and energetic.
Her actions are passionate and therefore sometimes exuberant. This archetype can be a strong confederate but also a hideous predator -this depends on how we react, if this current appears into our lifes.
This queen knows what she wants and will fight for it until she is completely exhausted.
Her deep passion can lead to both extremes, unconditional love as well as burning hate. She will defend her loved ones with all the strength her fire burns with.
This archetype will never subordinate to others, which can lead to serious problems with superiors but also to strong alliances and positions of power. This archetype fights with the principle of balance – her attribute is an all embracing matriarchy, which can be crushing for her people. As well as patriarchy this forms of ruling or positioning are both extremes and are not necessarily a goal to be reached. However to awake the fire within is a inevitable step to self awareness.
This process is associated with the Kundalini, the fire serpent and the force, which nests within us all. This force is passive and dormant until awakened. But like mentioned above – awaking this dragon can be dangerous at first, so one should be aware of the warning signs. The feeling of power and strength must never be used to extend this energy to subdue others. After all being a queen means to take care and help others to obtain the fire within, not to be worshipped to keep the fire fueled. Every fire burns down, this is what a fire is ment to do. To make the sacrifice and respect this process and let is happen naturally is a task which is as difficult and important as awakening it initially. The fiery queen must never forget this, or she will eventually burn down along with this fire of hers, she seeks to control.

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