Prince of Wands

Prince of Wands

„the son of light and will“

will, activity and adventure, inspiration through enthusiasm but also mischief and impatience

Air in Fire

all heroes in their early years; Apollo, Siegfried, Hercules

We can observe a levitating masked being, invoking the fire through his body. The chakras along his spine are activated and glowing.
His heart chakra (=Anahata Chakra) is crowned. This means that the heart must be open to master this archetype – the crowned Anahata chakra is a sign of balance between the upper and lower chakras and connected to love, compassion, self-compossure and self-consciousness.
Being enlightened and having the chakras activated can lead to an immense feeling of power, ominpotence and is radiating and pushing the ego a lot. So the hood is a symbol for his hidden self which is necessary to keep the upcoming feelings of pride and recklessness under control.
He is also holding a serpent with a tight grip in his right hand as a sign that he has his desires and lower ambitions under control. The serpent tends to escape this grip and often constricts a frivolous prince very quickly.
The apple in his left hand is the willingness and conviction that his burning will and current awareness has to be shared. This can be inspireing to others but also pestering if not properly balanced. The apple is shaped in a geometric pattern. This matrix-shape is a symbol for the potential of awakening from any illusion.
The golden halo is originating from the crowned heartchakra -if this chakra is not developed properly and researched enough the negative aspects of this archetype quickly take over because of the radiating experience to be enlightened.

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