Prince of Disks

Prince of Disks

Prince of Disks

„enduring confidence“

being persistent and inventive, (over)confidence, stability, stubbornness

Air through Assiah


On this card are two protagonists. The prince of disks and the bull. Both are confident and walk the path of success. If these two are aligned, they are the perfect match for getting wealthy and prosper in whatever they do.
However, both are archetypes of a prince, who almost never finds the right balance. Either he tramples his fellow men to the ground (like the bull) or he elevates himself to overwhelming proportions.
The victorious child of matter, symbolized through the bull, walks proudly, knowing that he is crowned with the sovereignty of being stable, aligned with the earth he is born of.
His sharp and inventive mind helps him in all possible situations.
He is a maker not a thinker – he can be quite intelligent, but isn’t restricted by his thoughts, but instead inspired by his mind. The difference is, that he is not leaning towards worrying too much, but rather towards finding new goals and approaches to existing problems. He solves troubles like it was nothing and emerges victorious, where others fail.

Instead of his mind being in the clouds, he takes a thought and turns it into something lasting and real.
No need to say, that the prince of disks is usually very successful.
He knows this and has high self esteem. He thinks better of himself then he thinks about others. Respect for someone else is one of his major issues.
The bull refers to taurus, ruler of the element of earth and to the famous „charging bull“ statue on wall street, which symbolises best, what the prince is meant to be. He regards the world as being his kingdom, never his prison.
One can already guess, that he must think, that he rules matter, but he is a prince, not a king.
Although he is true to himself, and has admirable qualities like endurance and persistence, he usually disregards the accomplishments of others completely. This can lead to arguments and even break ups in relationships. Spirituality, and therefore connection to others, regard for nature and the environment and compassion are qualities he may only know by name.
He can be stubborn and cold when he is unhappy. Comfort is one of his major values.
Beware of trying to exploit the prince in any way. His most negative aspects would emerge and nothing good can come from ripping off others anyway.
In the best case the prince has (or develops) values, which tell him, what to do right to help his fellow men. Such merits can lead to becoming a philanthropist in the best case scenario. There is huge potential in this archetype, if he meets the right people, whom open his mind to advanced ideas and touch his soul in a way he didn’t know before.

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