Nine of Disks Tarot

Nine of Disks

Nine of Disks

„the illusion of perfection“

material prosperity, yield but also deception and illusiveness

Yesod through Earth

On the first sight this card appears like watching a paradisic scene. The clear rivers are floating, the lake is healthy and full of fishes and life, water lilies are in full bloom and a peacock is enjoying the scenery.
Despite the obvious fertility and harmony of this card, a few deeper symbols are hidden.
Perfection can only be an illusion. The danger is imminent and comes with the mirage of beauty or paradise. This counts as above so below. When feeling save and secure one tends to become careless.
The sun-dew which looks like a corona virus just appears to be harmless. In reality it is a flesh-eating plant which catches it’s prey with it’s beautiful sticky extensions. It thrives in moors which are known to be very dangerous and are composed of dead organic residues.
The marshy lake is a symbol for the mirror which is characteristic for Yesod or Moon correlating cards. It represents nothing real per se but is only a symbol for the reflection of a vague truth.
The majestic peacock masks with his beauty the inability to fly. He is trapped in this scenery, unaware of the nature of his cage. Inside the lake we can observe a black hole forming. It is a hint to the fact, that even if we choose to stay in our cage, that nothing is forever and one cannot stay in denial for an endless time. The environment will change eventually and one has to wake up, either voluntarely or by force.
The disks are arranged in a triangle downwards as a sign of the elemental negative nature of this card in a hermetic or alchemical context.
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