Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

„the power of mind-dilemma“

strategy, acuteness, cleverness, overthinking

the guardian of the abyss – „one’s own mind“

Fire in air

Hermes, Odysseus, the Trickster

This card is strongly connected to „0 – The Fool “ It is a symbol for acuteness, and the scientific method but also for the power of one’s own mind, which can be the greatest enemy in crossing any gorge. The task here would be to keep one’s easyness in thought instead of overthinking and giving an idea too much power. One dominant thought never comes alon like flies. One leads to even more of them and one can quickly follow a path which leads into the abyss (compare this symbol to the Fool).
It is important to stay flexible instead of tracking a rigid thought which weights one down. Executing control means failure in this context. The superior guardian of the abyss (the own mind) is only manageable through creativity and flexibility. This means – think outside the box when confronted with this card.
Much connected wisdom can be found in the sage of Odysseus and his ideas of the trojan horse as well as the story of tricking the one eyed giant. It provides rich symbolism for the key, the fool provides us with. Only this method leads to the other side of the abyss and to the virtue of overcoming without conquering.
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