Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

„farewell to the treasures which are already rotting“

loss, reversal, disintegration

Hod through Water

This card appears quite negative at first sight. But in all negativity there is always a mystery one can comprehend, a key which can be achieved and a quest one can prosper from. The cups are being emptied – all reserves are draining dry. But nothing is lost in the universe but only dissolved and converted into something else. The waste, ballast or dispersion of someone is reliably the nourishment of someone else. The sigil of Saturnus (Binah) is a reminder of the aspect which closes the door at this moment. The two guardian scorpions symbolize the danger which comes with the try to move on, or to walk trough the door, without leaving „the old“ all behind.
There are different myths describing this path. Check out Inannas journey into the underworld, where she has to leave all her clothing behind, step by step, one garment of clothing at a time. Like every traveller on this path she cannot proceed with her physical items, masks and attributes still intact. The loss of energy, money and even friendship can mark this step. Better do it voluntarily and in an active way then being extradited to the forces at work here.
Let’s observe the card further: The serpents are eating up the already rotting liquids while the crocodile is eating the serpents. This means that all aspects of our lives, every time and part of the universe and every being is dissolved at some point. This is part of a process where there exists neither eternity nor an end but only cycles. Even if we must all surrender to these inexorable processes it can help to understand them, while we wander through such a difficult time. It is easier to let go of those things voluntarily, which no one can hold together for eternity or even a lifetime. Not one single being can escape this law but the awareness changes one from being the victim to become an active part of the process. If one feels it is time to let go, it helps to plunge deeply into this current, fighting is not an option here. In our perception of time, we know only the moment which undoubtedly doesn’t feel too good during the duration of this process. But after diving through the wave of disintegration, we emerge lighter and can continue on our paths without the ballast left behind.

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