Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot

„the devastating power of a restless mind“

overthinking, intellectual problems, inflexibility

Hod through air

One may think that the Eight of Swords, representing Mercury through the element of air, the intellect should be lifted up by this strong reinforced current, but that’s not the case.
Too much intellect and brainpower comes together and lacks balancing elements and currents like feelings and a stable foundation.
Pointless overthinking mustn’t be confused with sharp focus. While one often thinks that a focused strategy is in place, it really is often about a situation of cycles of thought with no obvious escape.
Headache can be a very physical warning sign, as are burn-outs, compulsive acts, anxiety or not being able to rest and/or sleep.
Usually a person who is trapped in this situation has lost his inner foundation.
When there is a tendency to completely rest in the state of Hod, one is usually less healthy balanced with the counterpart, the element of earth or in planetary terms – Netzach/Venus.
A result can be stiffness, inflexibility and haughty. Also there is usually a lack of feelings, body connectivity and the loss of vibrant energy and other qualities of Netzach.
When one rests in such a mentally stressed state, neither a goal can be reached, nor there is relevant progress. One just wanders into endless cycles of thought and overrated logic.
There seems to be no way out, since this state is in fact an unconquerable enemy with only the intellect as a weapon.
It is advised to deeply breath in and even more deeply breath out again several times. The mission is to let go. Start falling by the own will, before the environment forces you to do so. Trust into the unknown and let all thoughts fly away, they won’t help you any more. A more active way out would be to become creative (water element), do handicraft work (positive air element) or to get out into nature (earth element). You see, there are a number of things to do to ground oneself again.
Coming to peace with the mind again is the ultimate goal of this card.
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